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                       Sandra Brugh Moore

Light is constantly changing in the landscape. My paintings are my

response to those fleeting moments of light. Watercolor is a medium of constant change. I paint in layers, using the inherent transparency to depict the transitions between light and dark, sky and land, clouds and air. I want to share the feeling of tranquility I feel in the landscape with my paintings

Sandra Brugh Moore graduated from West Virginia University with BA in Art Education. After teaching in West Virginia she moved with her family to North Carolina from Western Maryland where she grew up. Moving to North Carolina  40 years ago she came with the goal of learning to capture the moods of the mountains. Western North Carolina provides her with a never ending source of paintings materials as the seasons come and go. Many of her subjects are found in her own backyard.

Her Meditative Designs are another aspect of her artistic journey. Repetitive line work with watercolor letting the medium guide her design lets Sandra create unique artwork. 

Teaching helps her explore watercolor and deepens her understanding of its unique qualities.. She holds landscape watercolor techniques classes at AB Tech through their Continuing Education Program.

Sandra has been painting with the Asheville Plein Air Painters for many years. She has discovered many unique painting locations with this wonderful group of artists.

Her main focus is on painting in the great outdoors.

Sandra is a mom of two grown children and is a Nana!

Find me at the locations below:

Asheville Gallery of Art

82 Patton Ave

Asheville, NC 28801

Open Mon-Sat 11-6 pm Sunday 11-4 pm

Trackside Studios

375 Depot St.

Asheville, NC 28801

Open Mon-Sun 11-5 pm

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